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Facebook is in control of a lot of person data of each an every user. This becomes clear when you see your social graph. A social Graph is where data is collected of people and then used to link the user to other content and people that is similar or related. In away this is is good, as they are able to find things that would be of interest to the user based of data collected from the time spent on their website.

YouTube has a similar feature where after you have watch media content on their page, they begin to display recommendations of what they think you will be interested in. This could help people to find things they may not have seen, thought of or planned to view, but still find interesting. A downside to this however could be that if social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube continue to develop in this way, they may completely alter what content becomes available to people and users will only be able to see whats been recommended to them. Also suggestions from these sites could become something the user is not interested in based of something they have liked, visited or watched. If you watch something or are searching for something, it doesn’t mean you have any interest in that topic, yet the web may think that it is of interest to you.

Another con is that social graphing links all data and information to a persons digital identity, if they were to be hacked or that information becomes compromised, a third party may gain access to everything that is related to you. So the web becoming more adapt to the users interests could be a bad thing.



API stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’ and this allows people to create applications that can access the features or data of operating systems, apps or services. Google Maps API is supported on many platforms, operating systems and the web. This allows apps and websites to be able to use google maps in their system. A great example of this is that a business can use this to display a map with their business location to make it easier to find for customers.

To demonstrate, I have used my home from the NT and you are now able to view google maps.



Social media is a great way to start crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is a great way to source work, funding and ideas from large group of people. I found the TED Talk from Aaron Koblin quite interesting. What he referred to as ‘artfully visualizing our humanity’ showed an interesting way of turning data into something artistic and was able to display our human behavior. The flight patterns was interesting that it could show more people travelling during the day and less during the night. Same as the project he worked on where you could visualize sms messages sent from the city Amsterdam with bars representing messages being sent. It shows where people are sending sms messages from in the city and the more sent the larger and denser the bar would be. Like when it was New Year’s Eve and everyone was in a small area in the city to celebrate the New Year and the large number of messages sees a large spike in the data. Some of his other projects involving crowdsourcing was interesting, such as the 10,000 cents and the Johnny Cash project. People were given a small segment of a one hundred dollar bill to draw, not knowing what it was, and when they all come together it looks close to a hundred dollar bill. The Johnny Cash project involves people drawing a single frame which when combined, creates a music video for his song. This is a touching tribute and gives his fans a way to contribute and have a personal connection to the video and song. Crowdsourcing is a fun and effective way to get a large number of people involved in something, whether it be funding or creating. 


The campaign to find a vacant island caretaker was started to create international awareness of the Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding islands. How did the advertising campaign get so much awareness? First of all, by advertising it as the ‘Best Job in the World’ is a good start. The advertisement was spread worldwide by taking advantage of social media and peoples networks within these sites. Since they were working with a budget of $US 1.2 million, using free social media sites is a cheap and effective way of gaining international interest for the vacant job. By using social media and job search websites to advertise their advertisement, they can then take advantage of people’s interest in the job to share and spread the awareness themselves. If the budget was spent on billboards and tv ads, the awareness for the job would be to a limited audience of those who happen to see the billboard or tv ad. The best job in the world was also advertised in newspapers across the world in many different countries for those who don’t use social media or just prefer to read the newspaper.

By allowing anyone to apply for the job, no matter the job experience or even what country they are from, they are then more likely to get more interest as people are not turned down due to inexperience or knowledge. Due to the large exposure of this campaign by internet, print and television, there was an estimated media coverage of $US 150 million, which started from a budget of less than 1/100 of the overall coverage


Continuing with Facebook, I will talk about the ‘User interface and customisation’ and ‘Ownership of content’. First I’ll talk about Facebook’s user interface and customisation. How good Facebook’s user interface is comes down to personal preference. I like the layout of Facebook with everything divided into separate section as it makes readability easier. Instead of try to cram too much information on the screen at once, creating divisions and separate sections looks much more appealing and can be easily achieved by simply using white-space. I personally find if everything was separated and has its own section, it would be easier to navigate and understand. The current layout is almost like this except it is separated into different columns. Although everything appears to be in its own section, I find it hard to follow what’s happening on the screen. When you scroll, some of the columns scroll through and others remain in a fixed position, it also appears like they are trying to have too much on the screen at once. A more simplistic approach would be easier to follow and would be more pleasing to use.

Ownership of content is a serious problem and users risk people stealing their intellectual property. Facebook do not accept people stealing others intellectual property, however there is nothing in place to prevent others from using what you upload. Even if you upload something on Facebook for everyone to see, it is still your intellectual property. When something is uploaded, you grant Facebook a license to display that content. Although Facebook doesn’t really have anything in place to prevent people stealing your content, you are able to lodge a form if you believe someone has stolen your content. So there is always a possibility that someone could steal what you upload, however, you always retain ownership to your own content.


There is a large range of social media sites out there. There are some that everyone has heard of and some that are less common. When I think of social media sites, the first one that comes to mind is Facebook. Facebook is the main social media site I have used and is one of the first. My Facebook page was created by school friends as I was reluctant to use it and never created one. I have stopped using Facebook for the past few years but have recently started using it again as a way to talk to and message a group of people from uni.

Despite not really using it, I can understand the benefits of using and interacting with the site. Facebook gives you the ability to follow and interact with people and see what is happening in their lives. Facebook can also be used to read the news, watch videos and follow topics and people of interest to you. Despite being 12 years old now, Facebook is still the most used social media platform and as you can see on the chart, the number of monthly users is still increasing. It is easy to see why this social media platform is used by so many people in their everyday lives.topsocialmedia