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Facebook is in control of a lot of person data of each an every user. This becomes clear when you see your social graph. A social Graph is where data is collected of people and then used to link the user to other content and people that is similar or related. In away this is is good, as they are able to find things that would be of interest to the user based of data collected from the time spent on their website.

YouTube has a similar feature where after you have watch media content on their page, they begin to display recommendations of what they think you will be interested in. This could help people to find things they may not have seen, thought of or planned to view, but still find interesting. A downside to this however could be that if social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube continue to develop in this way, they may completely alter what content becomes available to people and users will only be able to see whats been recommended to them. Also suggestions from these sites could become something the user is not interested in based of something they have liked, visited or watched. If you watch something or are searching for something, it doesn’t mean you have any interest in that topic, yet the web may think that it is of interest to you.

Another con is that social graphing links all data and information to a persons digital identity, if they were to be hacked or that information becomes compromised, a third party may gain access to everything that is related to you. So the web becoming more adapt to theĀ users interests could be a bad thing.