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The campaign to find a vacant island caretaker was started to create international awareness of the Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding islands. How did the advertising campaign get so much awareness? First of all, by advertising it as the ‘Best Job in the World’ is a good start. The advertisement was spread worldwide by taking advantage of social media and peoples networks within these sites. Since they were working with a budget of $US 1.2 million, using free social media sites is a cheap and effective way of gaining international interest for the vacant job. By using social media and job search websites to advertise their advertisement, they can then take advantage of people’s interest in the job to share and spread the awareness themselves. If the budget was spent on billboards and tv ads, the awareness for the job would be to a limited audience of those who happen to see the billboard or tv ad. The best job in the world was also advertised in newspapers across the world in many different countries for those who don’t use social media or just prefer to read the newspaper.

By allowing anyone to apply for the job, no matter the job experience or even what country they are from, they are then more likely to get more interest as people are not turned down due to inexperience or knowledge. Due to the large exposure of this campaign by internet, print and television, there was an estimated media coverage of $US 150 million, which started from a budget of less than 1/100 of the overall coverage