Social media is a great way to start crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is a great way to source work, funding and ideas from large group of people. I found the TED Talk from Aaron Koblin quite interesting. What he referred to as ‘artfully visualizing our humanity’ showed an interesting way of turning data into something artistic and was able to display our human behavior. The flight patterns was interesting that it could show more people travelling during the day and less during the night. Same as the project he worked on where you could visualize sms messages sent from the city Amsterdam with bars representing messages being sent. It shows where people are sending sms messages from in the city and the more sent the larger and denser the bar would be. Like when it was New Year’s Eve and everyone was in a small area in the city to celebrate the New Year and the large number of messages sees a large spike in the data. Some of his other projects involving crowdsourcing was interesting, such as the 10,000 cents and the Johnny Cash project. People were given a small segment of a one hundred dollar bill to draw, not knowing what it was, and when they all come together it looks close to a hundred dollar bill. The Johnny Cash project involves people drawing a single frame which when combined, creates a music video for his song. This is a touching tribute and gives his fans a way to contribute and have a personal connection to the video and song. Crowdsourcing is a fun and effective way to get a large number of people involved in something, whether it be funding or creating. 


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