There is a large range of social media sites out there. There are some that everyone has heard of and some that are less common. When I think of social media sites, the first one that comes to mind is Facebook. Facebook is the main social media site I have used and is one of the first. My Facebook page was created by school friends as I was reluctant to use it and never created one. I have stopped using Facebook for the past few years but have recently started using it again as a way to talk to and message a group of people from uni.

Despite not really using it, I can understand the benefits of using and interacting with the site. Facebook gives you the ability to follow and interact with people and see what is happening in their lives. Facebook can also be used to read the news, watch videos and follow topics and people of interest to you. Despite being 12 years old now, Facebook is still the most used social media platform and as you can see on the chart, the number of monthly users is still increasing. It is easy to see why this social media platform is used by so many people in their everyday lives.topsocialmedia


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